Represented Brands

Representing Manufacturers

HRG is a professional Manufacturers’ Representative agency which specializes in the sales of products into the indoor horticultural and commercial processing markets. HRG  believes in representing only quality manufacturers which exhibit a dedication to the production of quality products, works to enhance the industry they serve, and displays a reputation of integrity and ethics. The product lines we represent are the leaders in their respective industries.

Horticultural Lighting
Nanolux technology is the leading brand of horticultural ballasts and fixtures in the world. Nanolux Technology is continually advancing the industry, surpassing the status quo with new designs that are not only more efficient but also more effective in horticultural growing.

Environmental controls
TrolMaster offers the largest offering of next generation environmental controllers in the horticultural market. All TrolMaster controllers offer remote access applications to be able to effectively monitor your horticultural growing environment. Our engineers have designed under private label more than 75% of the other controllers in the marketplace.

Silicic Acid

The original, patented form of stabilized, bioavailable silicic acid for plants.  Often imitated never duplicated.  Unlike other silica products, we work with the best possible silicic acid matrix (patented) to enable superior absorption.  Power Si is a proprietary organic biomix containing highly bioavailable micro and macro nutrients.  It is a pure, highly concentrated formula with fast visible effects. Silicon is considered the limiting factor for optimal crop yield and quality.  Power Si is the fastest way to deliver silica to your plants. 

Grow Facility Sunglasses

DON’T GROW BLIND – Method Seven Technology blends incredible color balancing for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums (hps, metal halide, led, sun) with exceptionally high-quality lenses that provide the best in optical clarity. Our lenses protect your eyes from harmful uva, uvb, uvc rays and infrared heat while correcting color imbalances and restoring natural, healthy vision.

Beneficially active microbes for plants

MaxMicrobe is formulated with a blend of microbes with known capabilities to enhance the root zone and to enhance nutrient availability in the soil. These active beneficial bacteria are both aerobic (oxygen appreciative) and facultative (adaptive to low oxygen).  MaxMicrobe can provide exceptional plant vigor and production by augmenting the rhizosphere activity.  MaxMicrobe is made of several microbial strains from multiple species and genera.  These strains aid in the production of siderphore, ingest typically indigestible plant residues, and solubilize insoluble forms of phosphorous.  MaxMicrobe is safe, natural, and not genetically modified.

Extraction Machines
The Original Resinator is home of the only multi-use, wet/dry, flash freeze, all-in-one, patented, rotary separation apparatus on the market. Whether it’s distillates, rosin, bho, tinctures, oils, salves, topical’s, edibles, or concentrates, it’s always preferred to have a pure extract. The Resinator machines extract the purest essence of botanical resin glands from wet or dried flowers and plant clippings utilizing traditional dry sieve tumble methods with assistance of CO2, DRY ICE, and H2O. Uniquely crafted Resin Collection Bags and removable/washable drum screens sift undesired plant material, stems and particulates leaving only the desired trichomes to fall through the high quality, micron rated monofilament screens significantly increasing yields and efficiency while reducing intensive labor. The Resinator also serves as a wet/dry flower “trimmer” using a mesh screen and CO2 to accomplish up to 80% of the job. Everything needed for complete extractions is included with each Resinator purchase.

Mycorrhizae product

An organic company with organic roots. The American Root Company was created with a very simple and organic idea; provide the world’s most superior mycorrhizae products at an affordable cost to the consumer.

Microbial inoculants, fertilizers, and pesticides

Cultured Biologix, LLC is a company that is passionate at delivering the highest quality natural products that serve every growers’ microbial inoculants, fertilizers, and pesticides needs. Based out of the heart of Colorado, Cultured Biologix is a unique microbial fertilizer and organic pesticide company that utilizes new methodologies and growing technology to revolutionize the indoor and outdoor gardening industry. We bring heightened education and integrity to a lacking market as well as products that not only accelerate plant growth, but protect the plant from disease and insect pressure.

Growing System

The Posiflow by Slucket RDWC system combines Positive Flow Technology with fully drainable Slucket modules. It is the only recirculating deep water culture hydroponic system to independently feed each growth module at the same time. The Posiflow utilizes positive water pressure to recirculate highly oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone from its Posiflow® Bottom Manifold. The Posiflow Top Return Manifold sends the nutrient solution back to Slucket Control Module for recirculation. This positive flow motion supercharges the nutrients with dissolved oxygen while eliminating clogs with its reverse water flow, creating conditions perfect for explosive plant growth.

Horticultural Lamps
MaxPar is one of the leading brands of horticultural HID lamps in the world. MaxPar is continually working on advancing horticultural HID lamp technology. MaxPar is distributed through the world in 53 countries. 

We represent a strong line of products with potential for significant profitability that partners well with our existing factories. Our sales growth approach is to give concentrated attention to the lines we represent and to hire quality, experienced sales people.