Prospective Partners

Pros of joining the HRG team:

  • Seasoned sales representatives
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Increased margins on sales
  • A deeply established network of relationships
  • No competing products under HRG umbrella
  • Power and profitability through shared data and industry knowledge
  • Specialized knowledge and intensive training on your products only
  • Lower advertising and branding costs
  • Cost sharing
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in brand representation

In today’s competitive horticultural/hydroponic market in the cannabis industry, some manufacturers are finding that it is not possible to sustainably sell their products through traditional distribution methods. With HRG, we have pre-existing relationships with current hydroponic retailers across the country. This established network will make the introduction of new sales offerings from your company much easier than having a new representative build a new relationship with stores. Our representatives are highly trained in customer service and efficiency in work. By joining HRG, you will have a very valuable network of assets at a turn key opening.

The Horticultural Rep Group is offering another vertical market for effective sales and distribution of independent product lines. HRG is signing on independent manufacturers from all different product sectors in the horticultural product market.

As the market consolidates and competition gets tighter consumers become overwhelmed with the vast array of products on the market. HRG eliminates the noise by only representing the best the market has to offer. HRG aims to be the most trusted name in the product representation sector by providing the consumer with top quality, brand name products with the intensive support of a small independent company.

HRG will operate as a sales team for the companies that we represent. Order fulfillment and billing is still done by each individual company. The HRG sales team will promote the products, give face-to-face interaction on the product with each individual store across the United States. The HRG sales team members can help work through problems, provide personalized product training to stores and facilitate in the taking of orders. Our preference is that the stores place the orders directly with each manufacturer while also processing their own RMA’s. Each manufacturer must have an RMA process and an order processing process established.

HRG will also offer tradeshow exposition booth sharing with all of its member companies. This allows each company to designate how much space they want to take at each tradeshow. Each company will still operate under their own banner but for instance be in a long row in the tradeshow with no separation curtains allowing the HRG sales team to work throughout the entire area.

This is an advantage for two reasons. One being that our sales team members already know all store owners and key employees for every store in the USA. They can pick out these key people and walk them through all the product lines represented under HRG. It also allows us to purchase larger tradeshow areas which gives each member the economy of scale of purchasing tradeshow floor space because the larger area you purchase, the cheaper it becomes. Each member company has the option of picking which tradeshows they want to attend. There is no requirement for each company to procure booth space in the group area and they can do it separately if they so wish.

The same applies for advertising as a group in publications. Each company would still have its own independent ads but if we placed those ads as a group we can greatly reduce the cost of print advertising because we can offer a multiple number of pages to a publication for quotation.

Along with trade shows and expos, HRG reps will have the opportunity to attend store events/vendor days and display new products of your choice at no additional cost to you.

We have six full-time salespeople on the road a minimum of four days a week calling on retail stores across the United States. The sales territories are broken up into six separate areas based on the density of stores and marijuana cultivation density which is based on local state laws.

With this extensive network of branding and exposure, HRG is setup for easy introduction and dissemination of product information through a wide variety of public and social platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. We believe, as you probably do too, that brand recognition and repeated exposure is key to maintaining healthy, up-to-date relationships with both retailers and consumers. This is exactly what HRG aims to do.

Internal data management is a priority at HRG. The HRG sales team uses an application called Map My Customers which keeps track of the stores they call on each day. This data can be seen in the visual login portal by any HRG affiliate company. HRG also uses method CRM software which will keep track of all sales call comments and issues related to each customer and each member company will be tagged in the entries of anything relevant with that brand. This additional gathering of data will increase sales and help us better understand the current market and track possible future trends.

The HRG sales team has worked together as a functioning team for four years now. We do an annual sales meeting during the winter months along with a weekly 2-hour conference call to discuss and share ideas and experiences from around the country. This is yet another source of data flow that will be beneficial to all parties.

HRG does not aim to create another standard distribution company. We are trying to create a trusted, simple solution to purchasing the right product from HRG, bypassing the vast array of unknown or questionable products that have no established brand within the industry.

Minimal disruption in current business practices will result in continued efficiency and current standards, making the transition to HRG an easy one. We believe it’s important to care about the consumer and not just profits. Our aim is to only represent the best, and we believe you are among those companies.